Pom Pom Snowflake

Pom Pom and Pipe Cleaner Snowflake for kids to make

No snow where you are…or even if you do. Make this Pom Pom Snowflake (in fact make lots of them) and get into the mood of fun wintery weather without the snow shovel.

TriviaThough snow has long been a feature of the natural world in some climes at some times, current available evidence of the word snowflake dates it only to the early 18th century. Flakes and crystals of snow existed long before then, of course, but they were known by such charming words as flother and flaw and flaucht. The lost history of ‘snowflake’from Merriam-Webster

  • Four Shimmer Sticks or pipe cleaners
  • Six 1/2″ Glitter Pom Poms
  • Craft Glue
  • Scissors
  • Thin Stick such as a skewer or a thin paint brush
  1.  Wrap a shimmer stick around a skewer or a thin paint brush. Slide off.Repeat with two more shimmer sticks.
  2. Arrange the three coils in a snowflake shape interlocking the coils in the middle.
  3. Cut the fourth shimmer stick into six 1 1/2″ pieces. Twist one around each end.
  4. Glue 1/2″ glitter pom pom between each section.

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