Playtime Paper Doll Scarecrow

Easy paper doll scarecrow for young children

Our Playtime Paper Doll Scarecrow wants to join the Halloween parade with all his paper doll friends. Invite your friends over and get dressed up for your own Playtime paper doll Halloween party. Or if you need to be socially distant, have a virtual Halloween parade on Zoom with your Playtime Paper Dolls dressed in their Halloween best.


About 2,500 B.C., Greek farmers carved wooden scarecrow that was supposedly ugly enough to scare the birds away from their vineyards, ensuring a good harvest. Source: Concord Monitor- Scarecrows Have a Long History

  1. Select your favorite Playtime Paper Doll Body and Hair. Print and cut out. If you are selecting the black and white version, color it before you cut out. It makes it much easier.
  2. Print out the costume and glue to the body.

Now get ready to have lots of fun.

 Printable Paper Doll

Click on pattern to open it in a new window to print


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