Pine Cone Christmas Trees

Have the kids collect pine cones for these Pine Cone Christmas Trees. It will be a fun activity for the kids with a craft project afterward for quiet time. These trees are small enough to add to your Christmas village as well.


Cones are a key element for pine trees. Both female and male cones appear on a tree. The male cones are typically 1–5 cm (0.4-2 in) long while the female cones are 3–60 cm (1.2-24 in) long. The female cones produce seeds, while the male cones drop pollen. The pollen is carried by gravity or wind to the female cones, fertilizing the seeds. The seeds are winged and dispersed by wind and animals who consume these seeds. Source: Just Fun Facts – Interesting facts about pine trees

  • Large Pine Cone
  • Bottle or Jar Cap for Tree Stand
  • Red, Green and Gold Pony Beads
  • Gold Metallic Cord
  • Star Woodsies
  • Gold Paint and Paint Brush
  • Ultimate Craft Glue, Low Temp Glue Gun, or Tacky Glue
  1. Glue pinecone to jar top. Make sure the top is wide enough to keep the pine cone upright.
  2. Paint star gold. Let dry.
  3. Decorate by gluing on beads cord and star any way that makes you happy.



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