Pilgrim Hat Craft

DIY Pilgrim Hat for Kids

It’s the season for Thanksgiving pageants and plays. Here’s the perfect craft for your Pilgrim Hat.  It’s easy to make and recycles too. So get everybody into the fun of making the costumes and props.


In England, the Pilgrims gathered supplies and proceeded to Plymouth before they sailed. They had two ships called the Speedwell and the Mayflower. The Speedwell was chosen because it would be steady on the water, and the Mayflower was converted into a ship that could hold many people’s things inside of it. Source: History for Kids – The Pilgrims Facts For Kids

  • 2 Brown paper bags or a large sheet of kraft mailing paper
  • Masking Tape
  • Old Belt (or paper or cloth strip
  • Beach Bucket
  1. Measure around the rim of the bucket with the belt and ask an adult to punch another hole and cut off the extra piece of belt.
  2. Loop belt into a circle and buckle belt.
  3. If using paper bags, open up the sides and cut off the bottoms. Tape them together.
  4. Place paper centered over the upside-down beach bucket. Press paper down with hands around bucket to shape.
  5. Place looped belt over top and push down to the bottom of the bucket near the rim


2 thoughts on “Pilgrim Hat Craft”

  1. Linda "Gail" Linder says:

    I make things all the time and I use what material I have on hand. It is nice to have this project for the upcoming Thanksgiving season. I think I enjoy the making more than the kids wearing.

    • Betty Bose says:

      That’s not unusual, but years from now they will be telling their children how their mother always made these cool things for them. Enjoy the creating for now and the appreciation will be there; it may just take a little while.

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