Paper Plate Halloween Witch Puppet

Paper Plate Witch Puppet

Puppets are a great way to get kids involved in creating and telling stories. This Paper Plate Halloween Witch Puppet is a fun project for the kids to make as they weave their Halloween tales. The yellow paper plate simulates the big yellow moon but you can also put your witch on a string and have her and her sisters fly  around the room.




Small Yellow Plate


Craft Stick

String (optional)



Print out the pattern below in either black or outline form. If you are using the outline form, the children can either color it black or staple it outside of the outline on black construction paper and then cut it out.

Glue the cut out witch to the paper plate and add a craft stick to the back of the plate to create a puppet.

If you are hanging your witch punch a small hole in the witch’s hat and hang it in your window or from your ceiling.  If you reinforce the spot where you plan to punch the hole with tape it will help to keep it from tearing.

Patterns, Templates and Printables

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