Origami Parakeet

Image of Origami Parakeet

The FreeKidsCrafts team designed this Origami Parakeet for you to add to your paper folding collection. Origami can be simple for beginners and evolve into very complex and beautiful creations. Get the kids started early.


Origami Square in a color that pleases you
Wiggle eye (optional)
Black Marker (optional)


Click on the images below for complete folding diagrams.

Fold paper in half. Crease. Open up.

Fold top points down diagonally to center fold. Crease

Fold on both sides to center fold. Crease well

Fold bottom half up diagonally as shown in diagram. Crease

Fold bottom piece diagonally to form tail.

Flip over.

Crease top point down. Open up. Crease down in the other direction.

Use your index finger to push the crease section inside the fold to form the beak.

Draw on eye or use adhesive wiggle eye.

I like to embellish my origami by coloring in the beak and adding an indication of feathers on the wings. It’s your creation. Do anything you like to it.

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Image of Origami Parakeet



Image of Origami Parakeet

Free Kids Crafts Team
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