Magnetic Playtime Paper Doll Travel Fun

travel fun for kids

Traveling  with young children doesn’t have to be tedious nor do you have to plug them into an electronic device for the whole trip. Make this Magnetic Playtime Paper Doll Travel Fun kit and have it on standby for your next road trip. The magnets keep everything on the tray and the little fingers busy. You can use the rainbow themed clothes shown here or any of the many Playtime Paper Doll outfits.

Your church might like to make them up in “quiet bags” to keep young children satisfied during Sunday services.


Playtime Paper Doll Body
Playtime Paper Doll Hair
Inkjet Printer that can print on photo quality paper
Two Inkjet Magnetic Sheets
Metal Cookie Sheet


Print your choice of Friend and clothes on Inkjet magnetic sheets.

Cut out pieces and stick them to a magnetic cookie sheet.

Patterns, Templates and Printables

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