Leprechaun Puppet Craft

Easy printable Leprechaun puppet for young children.

Sure’n you’ll have a grand time making and playing with this Leprechaun Puppet created by the Free Kids Crafts Team. Puppets have been a staple in the world of communication with children. The ability to allow children to speak freely through an anonymous advocate make puppets both a fun and useful prop.


The most obvious benefit of puppet-play is encouraging the child’s imagination and creativity. We have seen children coming up with stories involving their dolls, from giving them names, to elaborate scenarios with their other toys; be it a Barbie or a Transformer! Source: Open Schoolbag – 6 Big Benefits of Puppet Play for Children – No Strings Attached!

  • Printable Card Stock
  • Crayons or Markers (Optional)
  • Orange Yarn
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Paint Stick or Piece of Heavy Cardboard
  1. Print out the Leprechaun face and hat.
  2. Color if using the black and white version. Cut out.
  3. Cut pieces of orange yarn and glue on the face using photo as a guide. Trim.
  4. Glue on hat.
  5. Glue paint stick to the back or cut a piece of heavy cardboard to 2″ x 12″ and glue it to the back.

Maybe he will lead you to your pot o’ gold.


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