I Spy Fairy Tale Worksheet

Kids will have fun finding all the items that look alike in this I Spy Fairy Tale Worksheet. Training young brains to notice the things that are alike and different is a critical part of every day living. We match our sock, shoes and so much more.


The ability to recognize visual details in a picture helps kids to later discriminate between the shapes of different letters — a fundamental reading skill. We all know how similar certain letters can look, especially b, d, p, and q. Asking kids to develop an eye for details in pictures enhances their skills in recognizing letters printed in unfamiliar fonts. Source: Scholastic Parents – Here’s Exactly How I SPY Boosts Memory & Visual Learning

  • White Paper
  • Pencil
  1. Print enough copies of the I Spy printable so that each child has their own.
  2. Set them at a space where they can comfortably work on their sheet and turn them loose to find as many matches as they can.
Patterns, Templates and Printables

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