Hedgehog Nature Craft

When you have the kids out on a nature walk have them collect leaves, berries and tiny acorns to create a hedgehog. Look at the different shapes of leaves and encourage them to select the ones that you see on our hedgehog so it represents the quills. Mother Nature created wonderful shapes for us to use as great craft materials.


During the autumn, deciduous trees change color and then lose their leaves. This is in preparation for the winter season. Because it gets so cold, the trees have adapted to the winter by going into a period of dormancy or sleep. Source: Just Fun Facts- Interesting facts about leaves.

  • Leaves gathered on nature walk
  • Printed hedgehog body below
  • Red/orange berry
  • Tiny Acorn Cap
  1. Print out as many hedgehog bodies as you need for the children.
  2. Have the kids sort the leaves so they use those that are appropriate for the craft. Make sure they are dry so they can be glued.
  3. Glue the leaves to the hedgehog body, using the picture as a guide.
  4. Glue a berry for the eye.
  5. Glue an acorn cap for the nose
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