Four Seasons Clock Craft

Paper Plate Four Seasons Clock

This clever Fours Seasons Clock was submitted by eight year old Henry from Newton, Massachusetts who wrote, “I want to create a clock where it shows the season we are in now and that it can rotate throughout the year as the season changes.I am a third grader at Underwood Elementary School in Newton. I enjoy building with Legos, drawing, making crafts, and collect samples from nature”.

  • 2 paper plates
  • One screw or paper clip
  • Tape or stapler
  • Color markers
  1. Use a pencil to divide a paper plate into 4 equal quadrants; draw one horizontal line and one vertical line through the center
  2. Use color markers to draw a tree that would appear in each of the seasons, in the order of winter, spring, summer, and autumn
  3. Poke a hole in the center using a paper clip so that a screw can be put in place for rotation
  4. Cut out 1/4 of a second plate and put on top so that only the tree in the current season is shown
  5. The two plates can be taped together on the edges or stapled together

As the year progresses, rotate the clock to the tree in the right season

More Ideas:

I also thought this idea can be applied to other crafts such as drawing different colors on one plate, then cut out the outline of a flower on the second plate and put it on top. When rotating the bottom plate, the flower will change color. I also have the same idea for a Chameleon.




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