Back To School Reading List Bookmark

Printable Bookmarks for Elementary School Children

This printable Back To School Reading List Bookmark is the perfect way for youngsters to keep track of their reading lists and what they have already completed. The far out graphics will make the bookmark a fun way to be reminded that there is a reading list that needs to be completed. I always loved to read as a kid, but I know there are some like my son who only learned to love reading when he was middle aged. Anything like this reading list bookmark that made my job easier as a mother was a welcome tool.


The very first book printed in America was “The Bay Psalm” which was printed in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1640. Source: SF Book Reviews -The Evolution of the Book

  • White Paper or Card Stock
  • Printer
  • Scissors
  • Crayons, Markers or Colored Pencils (optional)
  1. Select either the color or black and white bookmarks below and print enough for each child
  2. If you have selected the black and white version, have the kids color them before they are cut apart. It is easier.
  3. Have the kids list the books they are supposed to read and check them off when done or have them list each book as it is read. Make it fun!
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