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Stroller Fire Truck Costume

Turn your toddler’s stroller into a fire truck and watch the smiles as he goes trick or treating just like the big kids. With a little thought it can become any kind of vehicle like a police car or train…let your imagination run wild.

Trivia:  Fire trucks can have up to eight firefighters at a time and the driver of the truck is called the engineer.


Large Cardboard Box
Matte Knife
Red Spray Paint
Yellow and White Poster Board
Tacky Glue
Broad Tip Marker
Firefighter's Hat


Cut the top flaps off a large cardboard box.

Cut a large opening in the bottom (which is now the top) to fit over the top of the stroller. Turn upside down.

Spray paint all five sides of the box. Let dry.

Cut details of the fire truck out of yellow and white poster board. Glue to box.

Slide the box down over the stroller.

Make a Firefighter's Hat to complete the costume.


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