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Smelly Socks Potpourri

This Smelly Socks Potpourri is an easy gift the kid’s can make for Dad on Father’s Day and Mom will appreciate it too. Make sure they pick a potpourri that Dad will like, like a woodland or ocean smell.

Trivia: Potpourri is a mixture of petals and spices that can be put in a sack and placed in a draw or closet to make everything smell good.


Printed decorative socks
Matching ribbon
Potpourri or Lavender


To make this Smelly Socks Potpourri craft take one printed sock and using a spoon, spoon in the potpourri.

Work it down into the toe of the sock.

Keep spooning in the potpourri until the sock is tightly filled.

Allow a small amount of sock to gather and tie off with.

Using a rubber band, secure off the top and tie some ribbon around it.

Do this for both socks so you have a pair of smelly socks!

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