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Recycled Magazine Mosaic Heart

A Recycled Magazine Mosaic Heart is an easy Valentine’s Day project  for the kids that recycles old magazines and leftover craft supplies. A great project to use materials on hand instead of running to the store for more.


Glue Sticks
Construction Paper
Trim (optional)


We started out by drawing a heart on red construction paper. We picked red just in case some of the areas didn't get covered.

Go through the magazine and cut out anything with red, pink and purple areas. Ads are great sources. December and February issues are full of these colors.

Cut the pieces into sizes that fit the fingers of the kids involved.

Apply the glue sticks to the back of the piece and place randomly on the heart.

Once the heart is complete and dry, cut out. This will give you a nice even Valentine.

We wanted to go a step further so we found some old lace trim leftover from another project and used tacky glue to attach it to the heart. White lace would have been nicer, but in the true spirit of recycling we used what we had.

Have fun.

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