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Puppy Pumpkin

Who says you have to wait for Halloween to start decorating pumpkins? This cute Puppy Pumpkin will welcome guests at your front door anytime. Be creative and make a whole group of them with different faces.


Americana Acrylic Paint
DAO1 - Snow (Titanium) White
DAO20 - Calico Red
DAO34 - Lavender
DAO67 - Lamp (Ebony) Black
DA131 - Hauser Light Green
DA215 - Peony Pink

Americana Brushes

DBL1000-B - Liner #0
Multi-Purpose Sealer
DS17 - Multi-Purpose Sealer
Americana Spray Sealers
DAS13 - Americana Matte Spray
1" flat brush
1/2" flat brush
Purple and white foam sheets
Water container
Palette or plastic plate
Paper towels
Tracing and transfer paper
Round-shaped pumpkin without blemishes


Preparation: Wipe pumpkin with soft, dampened cloth or paper towels and allow to dry completely.

Use 1" brush and Multi-Purpose Sealer to coat pumpkin. Let dry.

Paint entire pumpkin, excluding stem, Snow White. Let dry.

Click on printables and trace and gently transfer pattern.

Paint irregular area Lavender for spot; nose, Peony Pink; eye area, Hauser Light Green; mouth, Lamp Black; and tongue, Calico Red. Let dry.

Shade nose with Calico Red.

Paint eyes Snow White; add Lamp Black dot for pupil.

Use liner brush and Lamp Black to outline features and dot on each side of nose.

Lightly mist entire pumpkin with Americana Matte Spray. Repeat, if desired, allowing to dry between coats.

Cut ear shapes from purple and white foam shapes

Helpful Hints
If pumpkin is exceptionally dirty, rinse with garden hose. Scrub gently; do not bruise or puncture skin.

If pattern isn't exact size, reduce or enlarge on a copier to fit your pumpkin.


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