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President’s Day Coloring Page

Teach the kids about our form of government as they enjoy this President’s Day Coloring Page. Every child knows about Washington and Lincoln and our current president, but this coloring craft encourages them to learn about all of the presidents since then.

1. George Washington
2. John Adams
3. Thomas Jefferson
4. James Madison
5. James Monroe
6. John Quincy Adams
7. Andrew Jackson
8. Martin Van Buren
9. William Henry Harrison
10. John Tyler
11. James Knox Polk
12. Zachary Taylor
13. Millard Fillmore
14. Franklin Pierce
15. James Buchanan
16. Abraham Lincoln
17. Andrew Johnson
18. Ulysses Simpson Grant
19. Rutherford Birchard Hayes
20. James Abram Garfield
21. Chester Alan Arthur
22. (Stephen) Grover Cleveland
23. Benjamin Harrison
24. (Stephen) Grover Cleveland
25. William McKinley
26. Theodore Roosevelt
27. William Howard Taft
28. (Thomas) Woodrow Wilson
29. Warren Gamaliel Harding
30. (John) Calvin Coolidge
31. Herbert Clark Hoover
32. Franklin Delano Roosevelt
33. Harry S. Truman
34. Dwight David Eisenhower
35. John Fitzgerald Kennedy
36. Lyndon Baines Johnson
37. Richard Milhous Nixon
38. Gerald Rudolph Ford
39. James Earl Carter
40. Ronald Wilson Reagan
41. George Herbert Walker Bush
42. William Jefferson Clinton
43. George Walker Bush
44. Barack Hussein Obama


White Paper
Crayons, Markers or colored Pencils


Print out as many copies of the President's Day Coloring Page as you need and set the kids up in a comfortable space to color and learn.

As the kids are coloring their page give them information about one or more of the Presidents they may not know.

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