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Pipe Cleaner Magic Wand

This easy to make magic wand will be a fun trigger to set the mind to work on your own special fairy tale adventure.


Wooden Skewer
6 Yellow Pipe Cleaners
2 Pink Pipe Cleaners
1 Blue Pipe Cleaner
3 Purple Pipe Cleaners


Bend and shape 1 yellow, 1 blue and 1 pink pipe cleaner into a 5-pointed star shape. They should be about 1.5”-2” in size. Twist ends together. You should have about a 3” tail on each star. Click on printables for an illustration of this part.

Twist most of a purple pipe cleaner around a pencil. Leave a 3” tail. Slide off. Repeat with 2 more purple pipe cleaners.

Gather the six shaped pipe cleaners together by the tails. Hold them together near the end of the skewer. Wrap tightly with a pink pipe cleaner.

You might want to read these books with your magic wand:

Wrap the rest of the skewer with yellow pipe cleaners.

Now let the adventure begin.

Dora's Magic Wand (Dora the Explorer) by Christine Ricci and Dave Aikins

The Little Prince and His Magic Wand by Jillian M. Curtis

Lucy's Magic Wand (Read-It! Readers - Level Yellow C) by Speed Shaskan, Trisha, Myers and Timberlee

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