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Make and Fly a Rotocopter

Kids can Make and Fly A Rotocopter, they just cut and fold. Add a paper clip and toss it into the air. Watch the rotocopter spin to the ground. This makes an interesting classroom project. Try changing variables. Use a larger paper clip or a heavier piece of paper and see which rotocopter drops the slowest.


Paper (We used scrapbook paper to make it colorful)

Markers to Decorate


Paper Clip


Print pattern. You can make two rotocopters with pattern provided.

Cut out the rotocopters, cutting on all solid lines.

Decorate both sides with markers.

Fold the blades down, one in each direction on the dotted line.

Fold the bottom sides in toward the middle on the dotted lines.

Fold up the bottom on the dotted line.

Attach a paper clip to bottom folded section. This gives the copter weight at the bottom to keep it right side up.

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“Make and Fly a Rotocopter”

  1. Joyce says:

    GREAT!!! Activities for boys!!! Yay!

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