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Fathers Day Uniform Shirt Card

Dads don’t always work in a white shirt and tie. Kids can make this Fathers Day Uniform Shirt Card is for those wonderful Dads who wear a uniform to work. Match the color of the card to his uniform color.

Trivia: Pony  Express Riders originally wore blue pants and a red shirt, but the uniform was never really enforced and fell into disuse. Each man was issued a lightweight rifle, a pistol, a bugle, gloves, boots, and a Bible.


1 sheet of blue construction paper (or brown or whatever color matches Dads shirt)
1 sheet white construction paper
dark blue marker
glue stick
3 buttons
white craft glue


Roll blue construction paper so that each end touches each other, then crease to fold. This will create the shirt.

Cut a piece of white construction paper to fit inside the blue shirt, just enough to cover the back panel. Glue in place.

Fold down the corners of each blue flap to create the color (see photo).

Draw a rectangular pocket on the right side flap with pencil, then outline with blue marker. Use scissors to cut the top of the pocket open.

From the remaining white construction paper, cut a piece small enough to slide into the pocket and write "#1 DAD" on it.
From white construction paper, cut an oval shape for the name tag. Write dad's first name in the oval and glue to the left side panel of the blue shirt. Outline the oval with blue marker.

Use white craft glue to add three buttons on the right side panel along the edge.


Write a thoughtful letter to your dad on the white paper inside the card.

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7 thoughts on
“Fathers Day Uniform Shirt Card”

    1. Betty Bose says:

      It’s good to appreciate all the different father’s there are.

  1. amy says:

    really helpful

    1. Betty Bose says:

      So glad we’ve been able to supply you with a craft that helps.

  2. barbara says:

    I think this would be great with my class for a father’s day project

    1. Betty Bose says:

      Great! the kids can pick the color construction paper that matches their Dad’s shirts no matter what their profession. Happy Crafting

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