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Craftstick Reindeer

Reindeer are most commonly known as Santa’s mode of transportation, but they are also a real life animal. Take this craft opportunity to teach kids about the real reindeer too.


6 Craft Sticks
2 Skill Sticks
2 Large Wiggle Eyes
1 Small Red Pom Pom
Black Marker
6” Gold Cord
Brown and Tan Acrylic Paint and Brush
Small Bow
Craft Glue
Cardboard Scrap


Line up 6 craft sticks.

Cut a small piece of cardboard slightly smaller than the overall size of the craft sticks. Cover with a thin layer of glue and press into the craft sticks. This will be the back.

Turn over. Paint crafts sticks. Let dry.

Break a double section off each skill stick. Paint all 4 pieces tan. Let dry.

Glue the smaller pieces to the larger pieces to make antlers. Glue to the back of the craft sticks.

Glue on wiggle eyes, nose and bow. Draw on a mouth.

Tie cord into a loop and glue to the back as a hanger.

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