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Beaded Snowman Pin

This cheery Beaded Snowman Pin will put a smile on everyone’s face. It’s a fun beginning bead project for the kids who want to add beading to the craft knowledge.


For "E" Bead Pins
  (small beads, 2-1/4" wide pin)
One Safety Pin, Size 4
Eleven Safety Pins, Size 3
"E" Beads
For Seed Bead Pins
(tiny beads, 1-1/2" wide pin)
One Safety Pin, Size 2
Eleven Safety Pins, Size 0
Seed Beads

Split Ring Pliers or
Metal Nail File
Needle-nose pliers


Click on Printables for pattern diagram.

Each row hanging down is the smaller pin with beads strung on it. Open these pins and string beads following the pattern provided. Start at the top with of each row and work down. Use pliers to squeeze the pin head closed permanently.

Note: Beads are are irregular in size. You may not be able to use the larger seed beads in your package and you may not want to use the smaller "E" beads in your package.

Use a split ring pliers or the point of metal nail file to bend open the coil at base of the larger pin. Thread coil of the beaded pins onto front shank of larger pin, forcing them around opened coil and onto the back shank of the larger pin. Follow pattern beginning with pin 11 and adding beaded pins working from right to left.



This craft reprinted courtesy of Terri of MakingFriends.com.

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