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Beaded Flower

Who says you have to pick flowers from the garden. Here’s a chance for the kids to make and give a beautiful flower to someone special that will last forever.


40 Purple Pony Beads

3 Black Pony Beads

24 Green Pony Beads

2 Purple Pipe Cleaners

1 Green Pipe Cleaner 


Click on Printables for complete illustrated bead placement pattern.

String 8 purple pony beads on a purple pipe cleaner. Shape into a loop and string through the first bead again.

String on 8 more beads and shape into a loop and string back through the first bead in that loop. Repeat one more time on the pipe cleaner.

On a second purple pipe cleaner form two more petals.

String on three black pony beads.

Loop ends of both pipe cleaners around and string through the black pony beads forming the petal shape.

String 13 green pony beads on a green pipe cleaner leaving 1" of pipe cleaner on the end.

Loop around to form the first leaf then string through bead 5 and 6.

String on 9 more green beads. Loop around to form the second leaf then string back through the first two beads of this set.

String on three more beads. Then bend. Trim. Push the other end through the middle few beads to secure in place.

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