Valentine Coloring Page Card

Valentine Craft for children

Kids will have fun creating their own Valentine’s with this Valentine Coloring Page Card. This simple project will allow the kids to give a valentine to all their friends and special family members.


Valentine’s Day was originally a day to celebrate Saint Valentinus, who performed weddings for soldiers who were not allowed to marry. He was imprisoned for this, as well as for ministering to Christians. Saint Valentinus wrote a letter to the daughter of his jailer before he was executed. His letter was signed ‘From your Valentine’. He was buried on February 14th. Valentine’s Day was not associated with romantic love until the middle ages. Source: – Valentine’s Day Facts

  • Printer
  • White Paper
  • Crayons, Markers or Colored Pencils
  • Optional: Glitter, Glitter Glue, odds and ends of trim and beads
  1. Print out as many copies of the picture as you want and set the kids around a table with their favorite coloring utensils.
  2. If you want to provide them with more options set out some glue, glitter and embellishments for them to add to their masterpieces.
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