Tzedakah Box

DYI Tzedakah box made from recycled can.

Make a Tzedakah Box to remember the needy during the holiday season. If you start now you can have it filled with coins by the beginning of Hanukkah. Then find a way to use those coins in a way that will do the most good.


In the Bible, tzedakah means “righteous behavior” and is often paired with “justice.” In Jewish thought and tradition, material support for those in need is not a matter of “charity”–a term that implies generosity beyond what may be expected–but a requirement. Source: My Jewish Learning – Tzedakah 101

  • Empty, Clean Nut Container
  • Silver Paint and Foam Brush
  • Sequins
  • Tacky Glue and Toothpick
  • Small Craft of Shiny Blue Wrapping Paper
  • Craft Knife and Supervising Adult
  • Scissors
  1. Remove lid.
  2. Remove label from container and paint it with silver paint. Let dry.
  3. Use dabs of tacky glue to attach blue sequins in rows along the top and bottom.
  4. Cut two stars of David out of blue wrapping paper and glue them on each side of the box.
  5. Ask an adult to use a craft knife and cut a slit in the top for your spare change.



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  1. goldie433 says:

    Sorry I misnamed it.
    This is a toecover.

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