Preschool Dolphin Dot Art Activity

Dolphin dot art activity

Preschoolers are fascinated with the animals that live in the sea. This Preschool Dolphin Dot Art project is the perfect is the perfect activity for youngsters to enjoy while learning about all kinds of sea life. Dolphins are a favorite among the many animals that live in the sea.


Female dolphins are called cows, males are called bulls and young dolphins are called calves. Source: Science Facts- Fun Dolphin Facts for Kids.

  • Printable
  • Round Markers – Various colors
  1. Print out a picture for each child.
  2. Distribute markers so that each child has access to them.

Talk to the children about dolphins and other sea life as they use the markers to complete their pictures. When complete, send the finished project home where they can be displayed on the family refrigerator for friends and family can admire and hear the tales they learned about sea life.

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