Handprint Dove Craft

Doves are a symbol of Peace and the FreeKidsCrafts Team is wishing for Peace throughout the world today and every day forward. Make this craft for your bulletin board or have the kids make one to take home with a message of peace for their neighbors world wide.


In ancient Greek mythology it was a symbol of love and the renewal of life and in ancient Japan a dove carrying a sword symbolized the end of war. In the story of Noah in the Bible, when the flood waters receded, Noah sent out a dove which returned with an olive leaf, to show that the Biblical flood was over and that life had returned to Earth. Source: The History Press-Peace symbols through history.

  • Heavyweight white paper
  • Computer
  • Printer
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  1. Click on Printables and print out the Dove body. Cut out carefully.
  2. Place hands on paper and draw around.
  3. Cut out and glue on the body as the dove’s wings using the picture as a reference.
Patterns, Templates and Printables

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  1. Sherri Mills says:

    Love this site especially since it only took a few minutes to gather the ideas I needed to sub for the afterschool program and use the crafts suggested . wonderful and
    thank you.

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