Good Citizen Craft and Activities Roundup

Roundup of crafts and activities to help young children be good citizens

When kids are taught to be good citizens at an early age it becomes second nature. Our Good Citizen Craft and Activities Roundup is a way to make them aware of some of the ways they can be a good citizen every day through kindness to others.  It also reminds the adults in their lives that they too need to think about the many ways they can show their children that are also good citizens.

Check out a website called  Youth Squad that has a blueprint for individuals or groups geared to different ages working together or independently as they explore being a good citizen and many other topics.

Youth Squad has a program to help kids and their friends to explore new things. Your little ones can earn a  Citizen Helper Patch that they can proudly display on a tote or hat.  Getting involved in the program can be a one time activity or a longer commitment to a cause that you and your family or organization feel dedicated to.

Do a craft or activity to help reinforce learning about the ways you can be a good citizen.

Free Kids Crafts has some crafts that will help kids with ideas for being a good citizen. Take a look at  the Good Citizen Preschool Craft that encourages them to put their hands to work as good citizens


Handprint craft for preschool age children to help them be good citizens.

Good Deeds Day has a great idea for getting all ages into the act of being a good citizen with this Vision Wall.


A Paper Chain of Kindness from Sugar, Spice and Glitter is a good way for preschoolers to be acknowledged for their acts of kindness to each other.

Preschool Powol Packets sets out a Kind Words Sensory Lesson Friendship Activity using sandpaper and cotton balls.

Friendship Rocks Fingerprint Hearts is an idea from Red Ted Art that combines a lesson on kindness with a fun hide and seek game.






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