Good Citizen Preschool Craft

Handprint craft for preschool age children to help them be good citizens.

This Good Citizen Preschool Craft is designed to teach kids to be a good citizen by being helpful, kind, and responsible. Citizenship for young children is about being a good family citizen. It sets a model for them to take out into the larger world where they interact with other children and adults. The manners they learn at home go with them

  • Large piece of paper
  • Variety of school paints
  • Paper Plates
  • Newspaper
  • Scissors
  • Glue Stick
  • Printables below
  1. Protect work surface with newspaper
  2. Pour a small quantity of paint on paper plates.
  3. Have everybody make hand prints with their favorite color on a large piece of paper.
  4. Print out the pledges below and help each child decide what pledge they would like to make
  5. Have the kids raise their right hand and make a pledge “I pledge to be good on the bus”, etc. They should cut out the circle and glue it on one of the hands. Kids can make additional pledges after they master their current pledge.
Patterns, Templates and Printables

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