Flower Face Mask

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Need a cool decoration for your room; this cute Flower Face Mask adds a lively touch! Scrapbook papers are a quick and easy way to decorate your own one-of-a-kind mask.


Aleene’s® Memory Glue™
Aleene’s® Fast Grab™ Tacky Spray®
Paper shreds – assorted colors
Decorative scissors – scalloped cutting edge
Wood mask – flower shape (pre-prep by base coating with acrylic paint color of your choice)
Scrapbook papers – 2 assorted prints (1 for main flower, 1 for inner flower), 6 solid colors , white


Place the mask face down onto wrong side of the scrapbook paper. Trace outline and eye holes with pencil. Cut out with scissors. Spray the back side of the paper with the Aleene’s® Tacky Fast Grab Spray and place onto the prepared wood mask. Press out any air bubbles.

Cut a 4-¾” circle from the remaining paper. Place onto center of the mask and trace eye onto the paper and cut out. Cut scalloped edge with the decorative scissors. Repeat the spray glue as above, and place in the center of the mask by lining up the eye holes.

Cut assorted ¾” circles, cheek curlies, lips, nose, brows, white for eye, and black for lashes from the solid colors of scrapbook papers. Glue into place using the Aleene’s® Memory Glue™.

Glue the paper shreds at top and bottom edges.


Heidi Borchers hails from the first family of crafting. As daughter of Aleene Jackson, inventor of Aleene’s Tacky Glue, Heidi’s creative design projects have delighted worldwide crafters for over 30 years. Heidi’s specialty is eco-crafting and she is the author of hundreds of craft books. She is co-host of Inspired at Home Radio, a live weekly talk-radio show featuring ideas for living a creative life. www.inspiredathome.com

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