Concertina Fold Butterfly

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folded butterfly

This simple  Concertina Fold Butterfly looks equally beautiful on both sides, making it perfect for hanging from a light fixture or in a doorway. Have the kids make lots of them and watch them flutter in the breeze.


Rectangular piece of paper
Paints or markers
Pipe cleaner
Two beads


Color or paint a piece of paper on both sides and let it dry.

Concertina fold the entire piece of paper, starting at the short edge.

Fold a pipecleaner in half and make a twist about one centimetre from the fold. Make another twist about one centimetre from the last one. Place paper in the pipecleaner and twist again, making sure that the pipecleaner is holding the paper firmly in place.

Make a final twist about one centimeter from the paper and extend the ends of the pipe cleaners to form antennae. To finish off, pop beads on the end of the pipe cleaners.


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