Make Family Building Blocks

When young children live far away from most of the relatives these Family Building Blocks are a good way to make those far away faces familiar. My great-grandson lives in Colorado and his Aunt Terri decoupaged family photos on her gift of building blocks. Now when his Dad talks about each of the family members he will have a picture to go with it.

Trivia:   When Christmas celebrations became legal in the 1680s, gift giving boomed. Rural Americans carved wooden toys and made pieces of needlework in the agricultural off season to give to family members and neighbors. Source: TheWeek – A brief history of the Christmas present 

  • Blocks
  • Family Photos
  • Decoupage
  • Brush
  • Newspaper
  1. Spread newspaper over your work surface to protect it.
  2. Select family photos and size them to fit the various block shapes
  3. Spread decoupage over the surface of the block and place picture on immediately. Apply another layer of decoupage over the area including the picture.
  4. Let dry completely and then add another couple of layers of decoupage, allowing it to dry completely between applications.
  5. When completely dry, pack them up and send them on their way to some lucky family child who will proudly point out the special people in his life.



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