DIY Cork Spirograph Coasters

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Make cork coasters with Spirograph designs.

Remember Spirographs? Well pull them out from the back of the toy closet and make these DIY Cork Spirograph Coasters for the next family party or to give as fun gifts.

Trivia:  In 1962 British electronic engineer Denys Fisher invented Spirograph. in 1962  He was working for the Noth Atlantic Treaty Organization designing and researching bomb detonators and worked in England for a family owned business.  In the process of applying one of his inventions to the industrial world, members of his family caught on to the interesting patterns that occurred and  marketed the product as a game.  Spirograph became popular as a toy in 1965. Source : – History of Spirograph Puzzle Games

  • Small Spirograph gear drawing tool
  • Pack of four cork coasters
  • Cardboard
  • Large plastic lid (I got mine from a large empty container of nuts)
  • Ribbon, twine or paper twist
  • Assorted permanent markers and paint pens (make sure they are permanent or waterproof so the colors won’t run when someone sets a drink on the coasters)
  • Paper tape
  • Scissors
  1. Use pieces of tape to attach the larger part of the spirograph tool to a cork coaster. This will keep the piece from slipping as you draw.
  2. Use a marker or paint pen in the smaller gear to draw a design on the cork. Work slowly because the gear has a tendency to jump and skip teeth. Also work from the lightest color to the darkest – that will help keep the colors from becoming muddy.
  3. Add more colors.
  4. Once you’re done with the spiral flowers, add finishing details.
  5. You’re on a roll! Decorate all the coasters in the pack.


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