Color By Number Unicorn Printable

Color by number unicorn printable for pre-school and kindergarten children

Unicorns are favorites of young children and this Color By Number Unicorn Printable takes that favorite creature  and uses it to develop color matching skills and number recognition. This project can be used as a home project or a classroom project and makes learning elementary skills fun. The final product can hang on the bulletin board or the refrigerator to be appreciated by all.You might want to share your love of unicorns by making this adorable Unicorn Headband at DIY to Donate to make some other little girls happy.


The unicorn is the national animal of Scotland and in 1460 – 1488  King James III of Scotland minted several coins depicting unicorns.  Source:  The Goods – 37 Enchanting Uncommon Facts About Unicorns.

  • White Paper
  • Crayons, Markers or Colored Pencils
  1. Print enough of the Color By Number Unicorn Printables for each child
  2. Set everyone up at a table where they have access to the coloring medium of your choice
  3. Explain the concept of a legend and following directions to achieve the desired result
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