Candy Wrapper Bracelet

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folded gum or candy wrappers made into a bracelet

Don’t throw away those candy and gum wrappers. Turn them into fun and funky bracelets. Kids will love to make a Candy Wrapper Bracelet and it makes a fun recycling project too. I remember my kids making these. Every craft that was old is new again.  There are step by step photos to help along the way.


Candy or gum wrappers
3 Jump rings
Jewelry clasp
Large craft needle


Take a sweet or gum wrapper. Fold the wrapper in half, width ways, and then unfold it again.


Fold the edges in, so that they meet in the middle.


Fold the wrapper in half again, with the edges tucked in, width ways and then unfold.


Repeat the previous steps and fold the edges in to the middle, width ways.


Fold it in half length ways to create a crease in the middle. Now fold the edges in, length ways, so that they meet at the crease in the middle.
You should now have a little V shape. Make a few of these.


Slip the two feet of the V through the holes in another V’s legs. Take a third V and continue this along. Continue this with more and more folded wrappers, keep an eye on the pattern that is being formed so that you know which side to place the next folded wrapper is at.


Make a strip long enough to fit around your wrist, you could make it really big and then you could simply wear it like a bangle.


Pierce holes through the folded wrappers at both ends of the strip.


Slip a jump ring and jewelry clasp through one end. Slip two more jump rings through the other end and you’re done.



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  1. P Jacobs says:

    This is wonderful!!! I have been a Girl Scout leader, child care provider, and worked at kid’s camps for years, and have never found anything as helpful as this website. It has an endless variety to chose from, complete with pictures, instructions and patterns. This is a great find and the kids will be proud of their art projects! Thank you!!!

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