Miniature Cardboard Treehouse

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cardboard tree house for kids to make

You may not have a tree in your yard that is right for a treehouse, but this Miniature Cardboard Treehouse will fit perfectly on your child’s play table. Bring out the little Lego people or any other tiny friends for lots of imaginative play after the fun of helping put their treehouse together is over. This is a good project for an adult and child to enjoy making together.


Masking Tape

Craft Glue



Narrow Craft Sticks

Match Stick Craft Sticks

Paper Cutter or Xacto Knife



Note to Teachers:

When dealing with more than one child, there was a bit of prep work for this, but on the bright side my only costs were masking tape, craft glue, and popsicle sticks. I used an old-fashioned paper cutter to precut all the cardboard pieces and place all of them in a bag to make little “kits”.


Students used masking tape to tape the sides of the house together. They taped the roof across the top seam and glued it on top of the house.


The tree roll was stapled as a roll, and glued to the tree base.


Lastly the house base was glued to the top of the tree.


Michaels sells a variety of wood craft sticks these days, which makes for a few ladder choices. I used some new narrow ones for the sides and what are called “match sticks” for the steps.


I recommend using Alene’s Tacky Craft Glue for everything as it is thick and sets up in about 10 minutes.



Click on image to open in a new window to view in a larger size and print.


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