Bottle Boat

Our latest contest winner, Emory (age 10, rising 5th grader from Statesboro, Georgia) submitted this Bottle Boat craft to our craft competition. Emory has had a great time designing these and hopes that others will as well!  What craft have you created? Be sure to submit it and maybe you will win too.


1 12 oz plastic bottle
3 12″ skewers
2 caps from plastic bottles
1 sheet of standard printer paper
1 eye hook screw
Scotch tape or duct tape
Elmer’s glue


Instructions for the boat:

Poke 4 equally spaced holes aong the length of the bottle.

Put the 3 skewers in the bottle in the front 3 hoes (closest to the opening of the bottle).

Cut six 3″x 2″ rectangles out of the paper for the masts and poke two hoes through each mast to place them on the back 2 skewers.

Put the eye hook in the ast hoe (at the bottom of the bottle).

Tie the string around the skewers and the ee hook and pull it taut.

Put tape around the knots on the skewers.

Cut a triangle out of the paper and tape it to the string just behind the froont skewer.

Put glue around the holes where the skewers and the eye hook touch the bottle.

Instructions for Stand

Put tape on the caps and stick them to the bottom of the boat so it will sit upright.

This design can be modified for larger and smaler bottles. Adjust mast size and number of skewers accordingly.




Contest Winner
IT’S A WINNER! Take a look at what one of our talented viewers submitted to share with you. This craft was selected as one of this month’s winners to received $50 in craft supplies. Click here to find out how you can enter your original creation for our judges consideration.



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