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Tin Can Windchime

Valerie from MakingFriends.com has been playing in the recycling materials again and created this delightful Tin Can Windchime.


Glitter Foam Daisy Stickers
Bamboo Sticks
Dental Floss
Soup Can
Paint Brush
Glitter Decoupage


Punch five holes onto the top of the soup can.  Four corners and one in the center.

Put one screw into the top of four bamboo sticks.

Tie dental floss around the screws on the bamboo sticks.

Then put the dental floss through the four corner holes on the soup can to make the bamboo sticks hang.

Tie two pieces of dental floss to each side of the washer then string those pieces of dental floss through the center hole in the soup can.

Then tie all the strings together into a knot. Paint the can black wait for it to dry then coat with the glitter decoupage. Adhere the glitter foam stickers.

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