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Tyrannosaurus Rex Box Puppet

Have the kids recycle those packing peanuts into this Tyrannosaurus Rex box puppet or you can glue on screwed up balls of crepe paper or even uncooked macaroni for a toothy looking T-Rex.

Trivia: Ttyrannosaurus rex is the largest meat eating dinosaur. He walked upright on two legs 66 million years ago.


Paint and brushes
Egg carton
Cotton reel (or alternative)
Packing peanuts
White glue
Felt or coloured paper for tongue

Cardboard box





Select a long solid cardboard box that can be sealed closed at both ends. Paint box a suitable colour for a dinosaur. For extra effect, paint one side red (this will be the inside of the mouth).

Cut box in half along three sides and fold in half to form a box puppet.

Attach segments from an egg carton to form eyes, and a cotton reel to make a nose.

Glue packing peanuts around the mouth to form teeth. It's a good idea to let these dry before you embark on the finishing touches.

Glue on a felt or cardboard tongue.

Paint on some reptilian eyes and your box puppet will be ready to rampage!

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