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Sydney Opera House

Learn more about the history and culture of Australia as you make the Sydney Opera House from paper plates with the kids.


Large piece of cardstock for background
White paper plates
Blue paint
Blue cellophane
Glitter Glue
Glue stick
Straight edge


Paint cardstock blue and let dry.

Using picture as reference cut paper plates into crescents.

Line the plates up using the picture as a reference and draw a straight line across the botton and cut for the foundation.

Glue the plates according to the picture.

Cut strips of blue cellophane and glue onto the bottom of your picture to represent waves.

Paste on stars for the night sky.

Paint glitter glue in the form of fireworks to complete the celebration.

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2 thoughts on
“Sydney Opera House”

  1. Susan says:

    I’m not sure what the opera house has to do with anzac day.probably a poppy would be a more suitable craft for remembering the soldiers from Australia and New Zealand who died in Golipolli.

    1. Betty Bose says:

      I edited the post to remove the reference to Anzac Day. Thank you so much for bringing that to my attention.

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Image of Sydney Opera House


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