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Duct Tape Stadium Seat

Now Dad (or Mom) can enjoy watching the ball game in comfort with this fun Duct Tape Stadium Seat. Great craft to make for Fathers Day or Mothers Day gift.


30 Yards Duct Tape
Pillow Form
Team Sport Foamies
Ultimate Craft Glue
Foamie Letters & Numbers


Lay a 22" piece of duct tape sticky side up on your work surface. Cut another 16" piece and lay it sticky side up next to the first piece, overlapping about 1/4". Cut additional 22" pieces adding them to your project until you have a 22" square.

Cut a 22" piece of tape and place it right on top of the first row of tape, sticky sides together. Cut more pieces and lay them one by one over the original pieces, completely covering them. When finished, you will have a two sided "sheet" of duct tape.

Make another "sheet" like the first using what ever color combinations you would like. Lining up the two pieces, trim all around to make a neat 18" square.

Join the two "sheets" together by cutting pieces of tape to fold around three sides. Slide in the pillow. And seal up the 4th side with another piece of tape. (Stapling it closed first will make taping up easier.)

To make handles, cut an 18" pieces of duct tape. Fold  in half lengthwise so the sticky side is inside. Tape the ends securely to the sit-upon with additional pieces of tape.

Decorate by gluing foamies to the front.

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