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Simple Patty Pan Flowers

In Australia, cupcake and muffin cases are known as patty pans. These easy patty pan flowers make a perfect project for very young chilldren. You’ll find more easy flower crafts in the KidsCraftWeekly Flowers newsletter.


Patty pans (cupcake or muffin cases)
Cotton wool balls
Sticky tape
Polystyrene (or a potato)


Using child-friendly scissors, chop into the edges of the patty pan.

Tape a pipe cleaner to the back.

Glue a cotton ball to the centre.

And there you have it! If you want you can stab the pipecleaner stems into a piece of polystyrene to make a flower bed. If you don't have any, a potato will work just as effectively!

This craft is reprinted courtesy of KidsCraftWeekly.

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