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Recycled Rosette Centerpiece

Let the kids have fun crafting while you recycle and transform a peanut can into a pen/pencil/scissors holder and a rosette centerpiece. Kids will have fun making this craft and will take pride as their creation takes the place of honor on your table.


Clean Recycled Peanut Can
Scraps of decorative paper
Double-sided tape
Scissors/Pinking shears
Hot glue


Rosette: Cut six 1x12 inch strips of decorative paper, accordion-folded. Bring the folds together and adhere with double-sided tape.

Punch or cut twelve 1 inch circles and place them on the front and back center of rosette with a dot of hot glue. Decorate with cut out flowers and buttons. Insert sticks.

Fill can with marbles.

Place rosettes in can.

Print "Happy Birthday" or write your own greetings or add sticker on can.

This craft was designed by Maricel from Fairfax, VA and is reprinted courtesy of  ThriftyFun.com.

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