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Recycled Egg Carton Fish Craft

This Recycled Egg Carton Fish Craft is the perfect way to use those egg cartons left over from Easter. It’s a fun activity that can be shared with a group of kids or an individual activity.

Trivia: Did you know that there are approximately 27,000 species of fish and many more that have not yet been discovered.


Egg Carton
Tacky Glue
Pipe Cleaners
Craft Foam
Black Sharpie


To make this Recycled Egg Carton Craft, first spread newspaper to protect your work surface

Cut the egg carton into individual cups.

Using the picture as a reference, glue them together to get the shape of a fish.

Paint the fish in your own favorite colors.

Cut craft foam to make the fins and glue them on.

Use pipe cleaner as the mouth.

Draw on eyes with a black sharpie.

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