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Pop Up Flock of Birds

Pop Ups are always fun to make and enjoy afterwards. This flock of birds will set the tone for a cheery day in the classroom or at home. 


White School Glue or Tacky Glue

9 x 12 Tag Board

Circle Templates

Phlox Collage Material


Black Chenille Stems

Wiggle Eyes


Step 1: Accordion fold a 9x12" sheet of bright tag (seven folds, eight spaces). With scissors, cut a slot on every other fold. Fold paper to one side at 90° angles.

Step 2: Unfold paper and push out paper to form four beaks.

Step 3: Use markers to outline beaks and color bird bodies and heads. (To make perfect 1¾" circles you can use a template.)

Step 4: Glue Roylco Plox to the bodies and heads in coordinating colors.

Step 5: Bend a chenille stem into 3/4" segments, pinch together and wrap stem around to create a foot, repeat on the other end.

Step 6: Glue on eyes. Poke holes through the paper and insert feathers and feet for each bird, tape the back to keep them secure.

This project is reprinted courtesy of United Art & Education.

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