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Patriotic Windsock

Great for any patriotic holiday. This windsock is presented in red, white and blue, but can be adapted to the colors of the flag of any country.


Empty oatmeal container
Red, white and blue construction paper
Strips of red and white crepe paper, fabric, or similar
Modge podge and sponge brush


Remove lid and cut bottom from oatmeal container.

Generously apply mod podge to container and cover completely with white paper

Cut stripes of desired width and glue on at even intervals.

Cut blue construction paper in half and attach to top portion of container.

Cut stars from remaining white paper, either freeform or using patterns on the printables page.

When dry, cut alternating red and white strips of crepe paper, butcher paper, fabric or similar to the bottom of the wind sock as pictured.

Affix fishing line, wire, string, etc to the windsock and hang outside.

Click on printables and then on the thumbnail for a larger picture of the windsock.

This craft reprinted courtesy of Kideas.com.

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Image of Patriotic Windsock


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