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Paper Plate Monkey

The FreeKidsCrafts Team has been monkeying around with paper plates and came up with this mischievous Paper Plate Monkey craft for kids to add to your collection.


Small cake size brown plastic plate


Large Wiggle eyes


Black marker


2 large white or cream colored plastic plates


Sheet of plain paper




Craft glue



Editor's Note: If you want to use paper plates, just paint them the desired colors and let dry before following the directions.


Use a glass to trace around and cut out circles from cream colored plastic plate for monkey ears.

Fold sheet of paper in half and draw on half of the money face lining up with the fold. Cut out shape making sure the middle of the face is on the fold. Open pattern and lay on cream colored large plastic plate and trace. Cut out Monkey face.

Draw on nose and mouth using picture as reference.

Turn small brown plastic plate upside down.

Glue circles for ears to the plate so that only part of the circle shows through (see photo).

Glue face to upside down plate.

Glue eyes to face.

Now it is time to put your imagination to work. Have fun.

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Image of Paper Plate Monkey


Image of The FreeKidsCrafts Team
The FreeKidsCrafts Team

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