Jungle Masks

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Make these Jungle Masks for party fun or for your VBS Jungle adventure. Sometimes all you need is a mask to set the tone for the perfect costume. We’ve provided  both a black and white and color version so you can decide what is better for your kids.

 Trivia:  The world’s largest jungle is the Amazon jungle which covers a third of South America and the basin of the Amazon. It is home to one of the greatest variety of plants and animals found on earth.


7 thoughts on “Jungle Masks”

  1. Barbara Drapikoski says:

    Great fun for my three young grandchildren (fun for Grammy too).

  2. kendell says:

    Thanks – these will come in handy

  3. teresa says:

    thanks for the printables,they are excellent for elemtry students

  4. Migs says:

    Lions, zebras, giraffe and hippo do NOT live in jungles!!!

  5. Pam says:

    what an awesome site. As the saying goes… If I had known Grandchildren were so much fun, I would of had them first.

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