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Kwanzaa Candleholders

December 26th marks the beginning of Kwanzaa. Celebrate by having the kids recycle baby food jars into beautiful candle holders.


1 Yard Kente Cloth

Liquid Starch
7 Large Baby Food Jars
3 Red Candle, 3 Green Candles, 1 Black Candle
Wax Paper


Cut 7 14" circles of fabric. Pour Linnet Liquid Starch into a bowl and submerge a circle of fabric in starch until it is saturated.

Squeeze out excess liquid. Smooth fabric face down over wax paper. Center baby food jar on fabric. Pull fabric ends up and tuck into the top of the jar adjusting pleats. Repeat for rest of the jars. Let dry over night, turning upside down half way through drying time. Secure candles with melted wax in the bottom of each jar.

This craft is reprinted courtesy of Terri Bose of MakingFriends.com.

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