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Jumping Frogs

The kids will really enjoy making these frogs leap up and down and get ready for Spring.


Green paper or card
Glue stick


1. Cut out the frog and the 4 strips it sits on. Cut it as one piece – do not cut off the strips.

2. Fold one of the middle strips so it is adjacent (at a right angle) to the outer strip.

3. Fold the outer strip up.

4. Follow the arrows on the illustrated instructions.

5. At the end of the strips, glue the flaps down to secure.

6. Repeat with the other 2 strips and fold the frog over so it stands straight up.

7. Cut a lily pad shape from the green card and glue the frog’s legs to the pad.

8 The frog can now spring up and down.

You will find even more frog patterns at Jellyfish Jelly - Creative Kids.

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Image of Jumping Frogs


Image of Jellyfish Jelly   Creative Kids
Jellyfish Jelly – Creative Kids

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